I have a bachelor's degree in sociology and master's degree in architecture. Currently, my general interest is to try and bridge between critical theory (critical geography) and contemporary alternative architectural practices. 

My bachelor's degree in sociology is from Marlboro College (having transferred from the University of Colorado at Boulder), during which I embarked on an eight month ethnographic journey around the United States to research the 'social' architectural practices of the following groups: 

The research culminated into a sociological analysis: "The Public Service Architect: Professionals in Capitalist Society," documentary film called "Architecture for the Underserved," and a community design-build project that  resulting in the Marlboro College Greenhouse (photo below). I also took a summer program at the GSD and workshop at Yestermorrow.

I also have a master's in architecture from a European graduate program network Architektur.Studium.Generale, which was a 2 years program based on 6-week workshops in eight different cities and universities: 

My master's thesis culminated into written, conceptual, and video projects – abstract and preview here

In Berlin, I co-organized The City and the Political, an open class, discussion and research group, and blog that began at The Public School, Berlin.


"The Fetish of 'Conscious' Architectural Practices: Imagining everyday spaces" 

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On February 2, 2012, I will present a paper called "Architects of Objects or Architects of Balance" at The Making of Architects, Architecture in the Making, in Darmstadt.

On November 11, 2011, I presented a paper called "Between Ethical and Police Architects: Assembling Political Architecture in Parallel to Rancière's Politics," at Architecture and the Political: Fourth International Symposium on Architectural Theory

In April, 2011, I presented a paper, "Bridging the Paradox of Humanitarian Architecture: Constructing Space for Political Engagement," at the Death and Life of Social Factors Conference at the University of California, Berkeley. (proceedings published here).

Kenton currently lives in Berlin.