voyage diary

(below is my reflection and imagery from my first project)
Diary is reflection. I want to begin with the Socratic Imperative: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Philosophy has been inspired by this quotation since Plato wrote it. Architecture needs to integrate this inquiry, critical and self-examination, into its methodology. From this I question: (The unexamined architecture is not worth building.) (The examined art is no longer art.) (Art as activism.) (Art as terrorism) (Art as fascism) (What is creativity?) (What is creative destruction?) (What are the roots of fascism, terrorism, activism?) (“Every fascism is the result of a failed revolution.”) (What is visual analysis?) (What is textual analysis?) (What is history?) (Architect as creator of histories.) (Architect as hero.) (Architect as god.) (Architecture as salvation.) (Architecture is power.) (Architecture is freedom.) (Architecture then…) (What is the architecture of now?)

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