Film: "Creativity and the Capitalist City"

I am sorry for not to blog in the last months. I have been very busy and stressed with my masters thesis. I will post some of that online soon. Also, I am working on a new film regarding various collective housing models in Berlin: (1) market rate, sustainable, participatory, and common space  building groups (in German Baugruppen), (2) cooperatively financed housing (in German Genossenschaften), and even strategies that develop duel ownership to permanently remove the property form the real-estate market (especially here the Mietshäser Syndikat).

Below is an interesting film that I watched last night that reveals through a documentary film perhaps the most prevalent and pervasive term in contemporary city development throughout the world — creativity. The film was made by urban sociologist Tino Buchholz and is called "Creativity and the Capitalist City: The Struggle for Affordable Space in Amsterdam." It presents many scales of creative activity: squats, anti-squats, city branding, resistance, and the right to the city. Website for the film here. It also has interesting interviews from activists, business leaders, branding organizations, artists, citizens, and political geographer Jamie Peck.



full film in english:

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